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TVR Tamora

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TVR Tamora

With TVR's being Bluechip Performance Car Hire's specialty, we have the biggest fleet of TVRs in the country and we pride ourselves on our expertise and service.

TVR’s are not for the faint-hearted but rent this beautiful electric blue Tamora from Bluechip Performance Car Hire and you will be in the safe hands of our experienced team who will ensure your confidence and safety with this truly awesome car.

The TVR Tamora is in a bloodline of TVRs whose DNA dates back to the 1991 Griffith and is based on the Tuscan Speed Six, whose platform it shares. Despite design influences from the outgoing Griffith and the Tuscan it’s a different look for TVR. It's been designed to be less extreme than the Tuscan and simpler.

Composite bodywork and weight saving construction techniques contribute to the 1000kg weight. Coupled with a 330bhp, 3.6 litre version of TVR's own straight six, the Tamora does TVR proud in the performance stakes. Capable of accelerating from 0–60 mph in 4.2 seconds, and the quarter mile in 12.5 seconds at 119mph leads to a top speed of over 170mph.

The TVR Tamora is an easy sports car to drive, even in traffic as the clutch and gearbox are both reasonably light so you won't need power lifters legs to drive it. It will rev to 8,000 rpm with the serious power and torque further up the rev range but driving the car at lower revs is very easy and won’t unnerve newcomers to the marque. The revs climb quickly so to help you it is provided with a series of dashboard lights — green, yellow and red — to indicate optimum change-up points for the five-speed gearbox.

The noise of the Tamora is one of its best features - loud and assertive with over 4000 rpm - it really does make an awesome sound. It definitely turns heads at up to a couple of hundred feet when cruising about in town. To enjoy this more, go convertible, simply remove the top panel which slots neatly in the boot and fold down the rear section for the ultimate dream car hire.

As with other TVR’s the Tamora is undoubtedly a proper sports car in the traditional sense of the term. It’s not a complete-in-every-detail, computer assisted modern machine like a Porsche Boxster or Mercedes SLK but it is faster and more powerful — and much more exclusive. Let Bluechip Performance Car Hire turn a dream into reality and hire the TVR Tamora and enjoy an experience you will never forget.


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