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TVR Sagaris

TVR Sagaris TVR Sagaris TVR Sagaris TVR Sagaris

TVR Sagaris

TVRs are Bluechip's specialty and we hold one of the most diverse fleet of TVRs in the country. The Sagaris is not for the faint-hearted but rent it from Bluechip Performance Car Hire and you will be in the safe hands of our experienced team who will ensure your confidence and safety with this truly awesome car.

While motor sport was never far from TVR's designers' and engineers' minds, the exclusive demands of the endurance-racing arena were a real priority in the Sagaris concept. There's no doubt the Sagaris is dramatic, and with its signature asymmetrical styling (the roof over the driver's side of the cockpit is raised) it's a truly unique piece of design. A glance inside the cabin reveals a remarkably unobtrusive full roll-cage, which is tightly fitted to the roof and rear load area and is neatly trimmed. The reason its styling looks so well resolved is perhaps down to the designers being involved in the aerodynamic development which, for the first time at TVR, included wind tunnel sessions.

Its not all about looks however, our TVR Sagaris is as exciting to drive, as it is to look at.

Weighing in at just 1078kg it is considerably less than most 400bhp cars. This means the 4 litre straight six takes a mind-boggling 3.7 seconds to complete the 0-60mph sprint! Prod the pedal and there's a muffled, breathy growl that sounds as if there's too much gas trying to get out, overlaid as the revs and load build by a flatulent rasp. It makes for a seductive aural cocktail and will cause you to crank down the window to listen to TVR's irreverent disregard of political correctness.

Sadly production of the Sagaris, one of the most desirable TVRs in the company’s history, was stopped in 2006 not very long after its launch which gives it great exclusivity. To its fans it is a benchmark British sports car. Thankfully when you can rent the TVR Sagaris through Bluechip Performance Car Hire it is possible to know what it feels like to drive a Le Mans car everyday.

Bluechip Performance Car Hire has over 15 years of experience in sports & prestige car hire and some of the most competitive rates. Hire the TVR Sagaris from us today and experience this great super car hire for yourself.


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