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Lotus Elise 111R Hire

Elise 111R Lotus
Elise 111R Lotus
Elise 111R Lotus
Elise 111R

Lotus Elise 111R

At Blue Chip Performance Car Hire we have one of the largest choices of Lotus' in the country and are proud to offer you Lotus Elise 111R for hire. With over 15 years of experience in prestige car hire we know how make your drive enjoyable.

The hand-assembled Elise 111R is the latest result of Lotus' work to offer a combination of award-winning design, power and accessibility for those looking to hire a higher performance Lotus Elise. To balance out the extra power under the bonnet, Lotus has developed an improved braking system. For the first time, track-tuned servo-assisted ABS brakes come as standard on a Lotus Elise, to make stopping the 111R as easy as accelerating. Lotus undertook a thorough and exhaustive evaluation of a wide range of state-of-the-art engines. Toyota's 2ZZ-GE 1.8 litre 4 cylinder 16-valve VVTL-i engine and C64 six-speed gearbox was chosen as an outstanding package, excellently suited to the Elise. This engine has breath taking power and torque characteristics, and critically for a Lotus, is lightweight, featuring a compact metal matrix composite alloy cylinder block. A bespoke exhaust system has been developed for the Elise 111R with the twin exhaust pipes exiting through the rear diffuser.

Aided by its inherent awesome traction, this Elise cracks 60mph in 4.9 seconds and hits the ton in a further 8.1 seconds, allowing the Elise into junior supercar territory in a straight line for probably the first time in its life. On most roads this firepower will keep up with most apart from the more determined Ferrari driver. On tighter, twistier roads it makes the 111R a genuine giant killer capable of humbling all comers.

Along with this performance comes new comfort and safety previously absent from earlier models. Blue Chip's Lotus Elise 111R Elise includes the must-have Touring Pack; Air conditioning, electric windows, and roof lining are welcome additions and anti-lock brakes make an appearance for the first time in an Elise. There is an extra pair of speakers for the DAB radio/MP3 CD player, leather upholstery and a separate starter button. There's even a cup-holder which slides out from under the dashboard! Painted in bright Solar Yellow our Lotus Elise 111R will definitely make a statement wherever you go.

At Blue Chip Performance Car Hire we see driving the Lotus Elise 111R as something special, so hire the Lotus Elise 111R from Blue Chip Performance Car Hire today and see for yourself.


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