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Ferrari 430 Spider Hire

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Ferrari 430 Spider

The F430 Spider joins the F430 Coupe as a recent addition to the new generation of Ferrari V8-engined sports cars. The F430 is the long-awaited successor to the 360 Modena, the most popular model the Italian prestige sports car maker has ever made. So for prestige car hire, try the Ferrari 430 Spider.

This signature aluminium bodied, mid-engine Supercar has the same 4.3 litre V8 as its Coupe counterpart and is only fractionally slower. Hit the red start button and the exhaust greets you with its customary bark which later develops into a symphony of well tuned roars as the engine effortlessly exercises its 483 bhp through the gears. Tremendous traction is complemented by great feel which translates into accurate, light and communicative steering making it a dream car to drive and a true supercar experience.

The fully automated roof takes just 20 seconds to retract flushly into the bodywork so maintaining its good looks and aerodynamic shape. Safety features include two very robust steel roll bars which are integrated into the windshield structure to guarantee maximum occupant protection.

The Spider boasts all of the F430's stunning technology, itself the product of a close working relationship with Ferrari's Formula 1 racing division ensuring Ferrari's technological excellence has been seamlessly transferred from the track to the road. The track is the prancing horse's finest research and development arena and the impact of the Scuderia's experience has had a huge influence on the F430 Spider. Pininfarina's signature is evident in the aggressive body design incorporating highly innovative aerodynamics, honed to generate special flows to increase downforce and improve cooling. The F430 features a new cast-aluminum transmission casing that houses the gearbox unit with the electronic differential and bevel type final drive, as well as the engine oil tank.The 6-speed gearbox incorporates multicone synchronizers, while both the 6th gear and the final drive have been lengthened to make the most of the greater power and torque of the new engine.

At Blue Chip Car Performance Car Hire we think the F430 Spider F1 is a very drivable vehicle, with different attitudes to suit your mood. The Blue Chip secret is to offer the best in prestige car hire to two distinct types of Ferrari users: those who wish to be seen and those who simply want to drive.


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